Youthful Contemporary Design when Touching 40’s Bungalow

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Changing the style of 40’s bungalow by filling contemporary design is a challenge to consider. Contemporary material texture has the role in touching some parts of the room. Renovating parts of the house in furniture is also thing to be thought.

From the outdoor view, the dark wood can be seen lining the house around. The dark wood is probably to keep the existence of 40’s. The gates are changed into grey color to suit the contemporary style. What is firstly can be seen in every home is the living room. It is painted in white color with brown wood as the floor. Wood texture for the fireplace is originally kept. Grey sofa and light grey carpet as contemporary decor are the entity of contemporary furniture which changes the main appearance of this room. Brown leather side table is positional centered. Red painting is hanged above the sofa. Next to the kitchen, red color is the new color that introduced in this house. It covers six dining chairs and carpet below. Modern lamps are hanging down exactly above the dining table. This house is mostly floored in wood materials, including the stairs.

Viewing this house from above, each room hasn’t functionally changed. Between living room and kitchen are not separated by walls. But, dining table can’t be seen easily from the living room, due to walls that covers pantry and bathroom. The second level is the more rooms can be seen. There are three bedrooms including master bedroom, children bedroom, and guest bedroom. Each bedroom has its own bathroom inside. Laundry room is the first room that can be seen after walking b the stairs.

Each texture of the materials is touching each part of the outside wall. Trees and plants can’t be forgotten to greener the house. The trees are planted in both front and behind the house as what is planned in contemporary interior design.

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