Wooden Architecture Ideas in Modern Concept

Twin Pond With Green Plantation With Wooden Ceiling For Best Interior Decor

Modern house concept is a favorite house, especially modern wooden architecture ideas, because the wooden model bring natural atmosphere into the house. The house can apply the modern concept but that house still has the natural atmosphere. The modern and natural atmosphere will create best living house. The best living house has been created by Guz Architects entitled Rattan House. Do you want to see it? Check this out.

Here are some pictures of the house. You can feel natural and modern atmosphere in this house. You see, the wood building ideas are applied in every single room in this house. The hall is designed with black flooring, oak door, garden wall, oak ceiling and some plants on the brown pots. Even more, there is square pool in the right and left sides the floor. Those pools are used for planting water plants. It is fresh house in modern concept, best of the best house.

Then, see the other room. You can see there are some levels in this house. Between the levels is connected by the stair. The stair is designed with nice timbers, and glass handrail. See, the floor is designed with white tile flooring with some columns. Next to the wall is the wooden storage. There are some accessories in that storage. Next to the storage is the beautiful pot with the plant. Then, there is wooden door next to them.

Let’s see the upstairs then. There are some paintings adhering on the white wall. Then, there is wall wooden shelf along the glass wall. Well, this wall is designed with glass that’s why the sunshine can enter the room through the glass wall. Besides, this house has unique lamps. They are hanged from the ceiling. This wood building ideas design is completed with fresh plants in modern concept.

Wall Wooden Shelf Along Glass Wall For Sunshine Can Enter The Room Through The Glass Wall

Astounding Wooden Architecture Design With Floating Wood Stairs With Glass And Wood Handrail

Beautiful Interior Design Using Indoor Garden With Dark Terrace And Wooden Door

Fantastic Sloping Wooden Ceiling Design With Wooden Hanging Lamps

Second Floor Woooden Architecture Design With Glass Fences And Some Pots Planter

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