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One of favorite people to spend their holiday time is in villa, where villa resort design which become good place for them. The villa itself serves and offers any kinds of facilitation with completed by beautiful view outside. Villa designed as well with consider some matters like location, material to build villa, view of villa, concept of villa, large of land, and many others. With villa which located in the middle of sea, it is such kind of good opportunity for people to spend many times or stay longer in that place. The combination of sea water and swimming pool in villa, people can get nice sense to enjoy their time. The construction of villa also good, with most of them uses wood material as one of main component to build and décor the villa itself. Then, for inside of villa there are some facilities which become important for villa’s design.

Villa Resort Design Architecture

The architecture of villa itself designed as well with considers some matters around of sea. Seaside villa resort design almost always become favorite place for people to enjoy beautiful view with live on that place too. The villa also consists from any kinds of open space, where people can see outside. There are some spaces which used for terrace. The terrace has a right position, because people can see beach outside without any obstacles.

Then, concept for inside of villa, wood component still becomes one of important material for villa’s part. Sometimes, inside of villa use wood itself as ceiling, or as floor. Each of room inside of villa also designed with modern model, for example in bedroom, where most of dominant material inside of that room is wood, the wallpaper still use modern side which a motive hang on wall surface. The landscape of bedroom and other room inside of villa of course utilize beautiful sea view as main panorama which can be seen by people from inside. The glass window becomes an important thing to be put in each of room.

Outside Concept for Villa Resort Design

The outside concept for villa itself is related with facilitation which has been provided. For example like swimming pool, where people should choose design of villa which provide good facilitation on outside. Then, when people swim, they can see surround of villa, where there are many natural creatures, including beautiful view of sea. Contemporary villa resort design can be one of alternative, where the design of villa apply modern side in each side of villa, and then combined with panorama outside.

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