Wonderful Maisonette, a Combination of Modern and Local Concept

Wonderful Maisonette In 2013 With Awesome White Bedroom Design And White Bed Wooden Floor White Wall White Ceiling Brown Sofa Carpet Patterns

In short, maisonette definition can be described an apartment for living, which occupy two floors within building, and has a separate entrance. This maisonette is located in Gothenburg, Sweden, and designed to combine a local and modern concept, adapting local materials such as timber, brick, and concrete, with the modern apartment living concept, hence the interior is a lovely combination.

Inside the living room, the different style adapted is clear. While the living room is covered in warm white, the next adjacent room is separated visually by using different tile, parquets. These two different styles are refined nicely with the connection of timber on the wall, makes both different yet integrated room. Living room, storage and dining room are located on second floor, connected to balcony with elegant touch of timber construction, wooden crate as table, rug and couch, and additional plant in pot: such a beautiful interior combination even added with view of great town, green scenery on day, and stunning shining scenery on night. The first floor was created in white modern style, for kitchen and bedroom. The bathroom is designed on the mezzanine, and has the same dark brown parquets used in previous dining room, and a railing glass on the edge just define modernity touch. Ground level floor and second floor, connected with stairs in oval shape, and to integrate the different style, the wall beside the stairs is exposed, showing the brown color of brick in major white of first floor. The maisonette flat is designed elegantly, integrating different materials to provide the user changes of architectural style.

The concept of material combination, brings the maisonette to a warm living space, accommodating the need of users. A local touch and modern style designed carefully and elegantly. The furniture itself follows the same concept of combination, just like being absorbed into unity.

For modern living apartment, can’t meet the preference for some people. Maybe choosing a maisonette for living is not a bad idea.

Wonderful Maisonette In 2013 With Awesome White Bedroom Design And White Wall Glass Window Brown Sofa Wooden Floor White Bed Standing Lamp White Drawer

Wonderful Maisonette In 2013 With Beatiful Modern White Cabinet Kitchen And White Floor Steel Faucet

Wonderful Maisonette In 2013 With Beautiful White Modern Kitchen Cabinet And Steel Faucet Bottle Rack Modern Coffee Machine

Wonderful Maisonette In 2013 With Black Floor And White Wall White Bathtub Steel Faucet Large Mirror

Wonderful Maisonette In 2013 With Brick Wall And Wooden Table Wooden Drawer White Wall Hanging Lamp

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