Wonderful Inspirations for Wooden House from Australia

Large Wooden Doors Open In Beautiful Living Room Design With White Ceiling And Wooden Hidden Bookshelf Also Grey Cushions With Yellow Patterned Cushion And White Wall Plus Sliding Glass Wall

For the most of people, wooden house is just way too old fashioned. Wooden material itself is usually associated with classic home design, which is pretty much considered as old fashioned stuff in home design field. The domination of modern styled home design makes such design concept then seen as out of date, at least for now.  The use of wooden material is also seen as way too expensive and unsafe because it is easily burnt and not termite-resistance.

But is that so? Is all of those assumptions above are true? Well, just because classic design is associated with the use of wooden elements, it doesn’t mean that you can’t give it little bit of modern touch. There are various project houses that using wooden material as the prime material and still able to create stunning modern impression after all. Just like this magnificent design from Australia that will be a perfect reference for a minimalist wooden house.

Titled Stonewood, this house is designed by Breathe Architecture and completed in 2013. Even from the outside, you can see that this house is already attractive by the use of exposed stone surface on the exterior. That unique wall is then combined with wooden fence all around the house. What a perfect combination to create a simple and modest home design, but still looks classy and gorgeous. Even before you step inside, you will sure being amazed by this two-floor house.

As a wooden-made house, the interior of this house is dominated by wooden furniture. Minimalist concept is really implemented on the interior design; makes every space is functional and practical. The room separator for example, is also functioned as a hidden bookshelf which easily opened once the sliding door is moved. That’s really a brilliant idea to optimize the space inside your house. So, do these unique wooden house inspirations help?

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