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The special areas itself which make home design combination become a good idea that can be applied by people. The people who want a quite condition in around their home can seek some good options for place like on highland, seaside, or near mountain. The fresh condition around that place becomes one of reason why nowadays many people compete to get a land in that area. One of example is on highland, where people always design it with adorable home design and has nice overlooks or view. With surround by many plants like in the jungle, sometimes people can get a good view of sea on the one side. Usually, people design one space on behind which lead to the sea panorama. The design of home itself also combination between modern and classic rustic. The rustic model itself can be seen on the material which builds that home and also wall interior, and then the modern one usually is on properties.

Home Design Combination Arrangement

The arrangement from this kind of home can be made from form of home. It is mean that structure of great home design combination lead to the arrangement of rooms, furniture, and other properties. First is talking about outlook design. The outlook performance of house consist from combination of modern and rustic, where stone, wood, and also glass combined into one unity. The one side of wall outside consist from wood arrangement, and then for others are consist from bricks stone arrangement also glass window and door. Then, front of home completed by simple terrace and set of chairs and table. Not only in one side, but also there is space which put by table and chairs too that exist on front of home.

Next, for living room, there is consisting from one set of sofas and table also united with kitchen room. In this room the feeling of combination has appeared, because the model of wall use bricks and furniture are modern. Then, on the next side there is an enjoyable room completed by fireplace and led or overlooks to the sea panorama outside. That room also completed by sofa and small table. On the outside behind of house there is space which used for sundeck place. The bathroom also has simple cozy sense.

Home Design Combination Location

The location for this kind of combination can be put in some rooms. In living room is best place to combine modern and rustic model, because of first impression from people always in this place. Then, outlook performance also should represent that combination. However, for family room also good to be designed with combination of rustic and modern model. Home design combination interior always become a good impression for a home with unique combination.

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