Wonderful Earthy Modern House Decorations

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Earthy Modern House is a modern home concept which is somewhat unique, given that most modern home or building looks striking with concrete walls or solid wood. Firm lines that became typical modern building will also remain present in the house which is located in Beverly Hills, but with a natural look, this house seemed to blend with the natural surroundings.

Beautiful exterior of Earthy Modern House

The front view of the house is made simple, yet complex. Green garden is well laid out with concrete paving invite your arrival into the house. Broad and transparent window lets you see into the interior of the house, where the living room and dining room seen with some white chairs in it. Open space concept offers the sensation of enjoying dining outdoor or just relaxing while enjoying the sunshine. The other striking thing in the park as one of the most important home exterior addition to the arrangement of plants very well organized, also a pond with a rock sticking out of the bottom. This is certainly not going to escape from anyone who saw a garden view.

Earthy Modern House

Not to be outdone by decorating the exterior, the interior of this house was also made in an interesting way. See how the lounge was designed. Not only a unique choice of furniture that fill this room, but also a gray-colored wall and even abstract painting on the wall that will steal the show. Transparent window lets you enjoy the beauty of the garden from indoors.

Open plan concept combines the functions of a public space in a large room bright with expansive windows. A set of black luxurious leather sofa become a focal point in the living room, especially with the combination of white carpet underneath as well as the lighting of the lamp standing room unique. It is equally interesting to be in this Earthy Modern House in Neutral Tone Ideas is a form of an unusual wooden staircase with glass windows on the side.

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