Wonderful Contemporary Residence in Highlands Area

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Actually, the location becomes one of consideration to build contemporary residence. The reason because of people nowadays tries to change their lifestyle into natural one. Even, it is still full of modern side inside of residence, but for place or land people tend to consider with natural environment. There are some places which can be a location for a house living. For example like mountain, highlands area, near sea, riverside, and many other options for location itself. The country side also become of choice. Then, other consideration is in that place or land people can get a huge or large land to build a house living. Because of those land still hasn’t used maximal, so there are people from urban come and builds a home in that land. In this such kind of model, the residence has some unique parts, where those part use unique material too like bricks which arranged mosaic and become a wall outside.

Contemporary Residence Model

The model or concept from this kind of residence is urban design. The meaning of urban itself is almost same with modern. The building has modern side in every corner. Then, big contemporary residence also designs like villa or hotels with a great facility. With a huge land, the owner utilizes a whole of space to become a good spot to enjoy the time. Not only used maximally for inside, but also outside of residence completed by big enough space which consist from terrace, sundeck, and also swimming pool. The glass always becomes an important part from this kind of model to become window or doors.

The every side in residence, especially inside of it becomes one of big spot to enjoy daily life time or people. There is a large dining room which consist from one long set of dining table, and some chairs. Then, near of it without any boundary is a family room with unique sofas. Actually, that room connected directly to the terrace. Then, there is also second floor which usually become bedroom and bathroom.

The Advantage from Contemporary Residence

The benefit from contemporary itself is about land. The land which usually used for those kind of home design is large, and people can find it in country side area, highlands area, or almost all of area which far from center city. Because in that place people still can get huge land, and fresh natural environment which can give a good condition for people. Contemporary residence location should be an important consideration, before people want to build a house living.

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