Wonderful Contemporary House with Wood Paneling

Great Contemporary House Garden Green Fence Wall Flower Plantation

Build Contemporary House is an interesting idea if you want the type of house that will not timeless. This is because the contemporary design can always be changed along with the times. Contemporary home built in the city center often causes many negative sides we do not want, such as pollution; both air and sound. Therefore contemporary home designs that strive to meet the needs of consumers by adjusting the location, including in crowded cities.

Contemporary House in Unique Wooden Skin

Looking at this home in Barcelona, Spain from the outside would have looked very conspicuous among all the buildings around it. You may be interested to know what is behind the wood panels are high. Yes, this contemporary home built with wooden facade that serves to reduce the noise pollution that often occur in large cities, especially during the day when traffic becomes very congested. You cannot imagine how this high wooden panel hides a home with four floor building behind it. But this is what makes this Contemporary House with Wooden Panels design attractive and different from usual. Not only that, the architecture of the house is also made with a lot of angles that highlight the distinctive style of modern contemporary homes.

Contemporary House Garden and Interior

Wood is not only used as a cover on the outside of the house, but also a floor balcony and barriers, as well as outdoor furniture. The harmonies seen even good with some ornaments of the same material. You may also be interested in seeing a large garden, complete with a square swimming pool with crystal clear water.

For the interior of the house, like most contemporary homes, this house also uses the concept of open plan that combines the functions of several rooms such as the living room and sitting room. The interesting thing in the Contemporary House with Wooden Panels Designs is, they are not arranged in a horizontal line, but the angle formed so get a perfect view of the garden.

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