Wonderful Clear House Designs in Wood

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Currently, a house with Clear House Designs concept has become a booming. But have you ever imagined living in a house with a green landscape around you? Modern home concept is not only suited to be built in the city, you can even build a modern house with a clear house concept in the woods that surrounded the green trees.

Clear House Designs in the Woods

Location is one of the important elements we need to consider when building residential. Consideration not only made to the ease of access to anywhere, but more than that we also want a view and a certain atmosphere when determining the location of a house, especially when we are going to spend a lot of time in it. Modern Clear House Designs in the woods is one idea on how you can pamper yourself with the scenery and fresh air of the green trees.

Waste your mind about a wooden house in the forest that looks old and creepy. The concept of a modern house in the woods is now vastly developed. One thing to remember in building a modern house in the middle of the forest is, the house should be completely integrated with nature, and of course environmentally friendly.

Clear House Designs The Overall Look

Clear house is the concept of where the house uses transparent glass instead of concrete walls on each side. This allows you to freely see the sights outside, and in the case of the house in the middle of the woods, certainly the transparent glass offering views of the refreshing green of the trees. One clear house design in the middle of the forest is a house located in Shelter Island, New York, USA. Direct sunlight can be enjoyed from every corner of the house, even when you are cooking in the kitchen, as well as when you eat your dinner with family in the dining room. Bedroom in this Modern Clear House Designs in the Forest is also decorated as so you can enjoy not only the scenery but also green lake in the distance.

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Green Grass Green Trees Modern Clear House Designs

Green Grass Green Trees Modern Clear House Designs In The Forest

Green Trees Large Glass Windows Modern Clear House Designs At Night

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