White Modern House Design for High Lifestyle

White Modern House Parking Lawn With White Garage And Concrete Flooring

There are some characteristics of white modern house which makes it become a house plan and dream house to a lot of people. Special thing of that house is the white as the basically color to design modern house. Besides, the interior design indoor and outdoor the house are so high class. That’s why this house is right for high lifestyle. Many people have a house plan in modern design in the city. But, have you thinking before how the appearance of the modern house if it is built in the natural place likes forest or village? If you want to see how the performance of the modern house in the natural place, you can check this one out.

Here, some pictures of white house design located in Weldenburg, Germany. The house is designed by Philipp Architekten. He shows modern design touch in every single room in this house. The performance of the house is designed with unique shape, combination of square shapes. The natural view like large green yard with grass and some big trees appears around the house. This large yard can be used for playing with children. Beside the house there is white flower coloring the yard. A tree is also come out in the yard to make the house become elegant performance. In the outdoor house, there is a living room with white furniture design, two long chairs and a table. The floor is also white. The view of this living room is yard and inside house, because between inside and outside house is separated by transparent glaze as the wall. This wall makes the sunshine enter the room trough transparent glazed. The benefit of the transparent glazed is also making the people inside the house can enjoy the yard view. The yard scenery view comes to the modern design, and makes good combination for lifestyle.

In the bedroom, this house has simple design inside. The color of this room is like the other, white. The wooden cupboard is standing next to bed. The wooden floor model with brown color is also makes this room become an elegant performance. Then, white color is also coloring bathroom. The interior design in the bathroom is simple but still nice. The living room in inside house is designed with transparent glaze in order to the people inside can enjoy the view when have a seat at there. The interior design of this room is modern furniture with two modern chairs. And one long soft sofa with one cushion appears in that living room. The wall is casual with warm lighting system.

Those pictures are the performance of the modern house in white color as the theme with natural scenery view. The design in white contemporary house will be nice living for human lifestyle.

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