White Concreted Home with many Floors

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A firm house which stands luxuriously is a dream house of everyone, undoubtedly. To make such kind of home, it is not an easy task to do. You have to think of the theme or home concept, interior and exterior design, the materials you will use, the furniture, etc. Your job is even harder when you intend to build a home with two or more floors. Beside thinking of its beauty you have ot think of its strength too. As the solution, you can make a home with many floors with the concrete as the material.

The advantages you will get if you build a concreted home are that you will get the firm building and a beautiful home as well. You may never imagined that concreted home can be that beautiful. If you make your whole home from concrete, starting from stairs, walls, floors, to roofing, it will look so amazing. This home concept is seldom used by people because they don’t know that actually concreted home design is a great artwork.

Because you build home with many floors, you have to make it large. On your ground floor, make an open space with sculptural staircase for your and the visitors’ access to the higher floor. Paint the concrete white to result a large and bright home. For the furniture, choose white and black to make it harmonious with your romantic white house. You use white curtain to make your home looks more bright and romantic. To add variation, you can choose some furniture in white or black scale such as grey, broken white and brown. In your living room, put a brown carpet with grey sofas and for the rest, choose everything in white. This white home concept will make you enjoy your time in your own home.

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