Waterfront Trailer Park Hotel with Futuristic Concept

Fascinating Trailer Park Hotel Submarine Captain's Room Theme

There is a modern home living that is very suitable to the traveler that is the Trailer Park Hotel which is located in South Africa. That hotel is built in the best location and it is also equipped with the natural view. The natural view of that resort is from the green surroundings and the waterfront of the hotel. That hotel looks gorgeous from the outside.

Trailer Park Hotel; Swimming Pool and Surroundings

That house looks very interesting because it is also equipped with the very nice exterior design. In the outside of the house, there is a very good swimming pool design. That swimming pool that is located on the rear area of the Vintage Park Hotel is designed in a standard design. However, that swimming pool has a very nice view. From the swimming pool, guest will be able to see the green view and the lake view of that hotel.

Around the swimming pool, there are several benches and they are also made from the wooden material. That wooden material makes the benches feels more comfortable and looks very elegant. Besides having a very nice exterior design, in the inside of the hotel there is also a great interior design. That great interior design will make the guest feel more comfortable of staying in that hotel.

Trailer Park Hotel; Bedroom and Lighting

From that all, the most interesting thing of that hotel is the bedroom. In the bedroom of the hotel, there is an interior design that is designed in a very nice design. It is also equipped with the elegant lighting as well. That lighting unit looks nice because of the lamps that have been applied in that bedroom is the high quality lamps and they are also in the various colors. It looks very interesting. The flooring unit of that bedroom in that Vintage Park Hotel Portland was made from the wooden material.

Georgeous Waterfront Wooden Deck For Coffee Rest

Great Trailer Park Hotel Colorful Boxing Ring Theme Bedroom Design

Great Trailer Park Room Hotel White Board Wooden Furniture

Romantic Bedroom Trailer Park Hotel With Red Curtain Brown Bed Sheet Wooden Floor

Simple Trailer Park Hotel With Chess Floor Small Bed Hanging Lamp

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