VARDAstudio Released Serafides House

Awesome Natural Stone Houses In The Hill In 2013 With Stone Wall And Wooden Door Iron Fence Wooden Walls At Level 2 Glass Window

There are so many houses that offered to all people in the world. Some professional architects try to create new concept of homes every time. One of best architectural firms that also make best home design is VARDAstudio. This architectural firm tries to make Serafides House. This house was completed in 2012. This house is located in Platres Cyprus and the concept of this house is a combination of open contemporary interior and traditional stone exterior.

House with Solid Exterior

When we look at outside, we will find strong and solid home. We know that this house uses stone exterior. There are some materials that we can see play the most important role for this house. This house uses local stone, shutters and also high quality woods. That is why this house looks solid. It is not only looked solid but it is a strong house in the hill. How about the interior of this house? When we check inside this house, we will find some interesting things.

Bright Interior Design

Some rooms inside this house are made with enough natural light. The architect tries to make window to nature concept for this house. You will find glass elements inside this house such as in the stairs. There are some vertical axis concepts that are used in this house too. When we enter this house, we still can find wall with stone too. Some walls are made by applying some natural stone. There is simple furniture inside the house. You can check the picture and find some other detail things inside the home.



Awesome Natural Stone Houses In The Hill In 2013 With White Ceiling And White Sofa Wooden Table Gray Carpet Wooden Staircase

Awesome Natural Stone Houses In The Hill In 2013 With White Sofa And Brown Sofa White Wall Picture On Wall Inspiring Serafides House Design

Awesome Natural Stone Houses In The Hill In 2013 With White Wall And White Sofa Gray Carpet Wooden Floor Glass Window Wooden Table

Awesome Natural Stone Houses In The Hill In 2013 With Wooden Fence And Wooden Roof Wire Fence

Awesome Natural Stone Houses In The Hill In 2013 With Wooden Roof And Wooden Wall Iron Fence Beautiful Houses In The Hill

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