Unpolished Phagan House in Thailand that Offers Neutrality

Beautiful Resort Of Phagan House With Minimalist Design And Awesome Architecture

The phagan house is a house designed with unpolished style that gives different look to the house. This house is located in Thailand with natural view of green trees and green plants. Here, we have some pictures that will give you some reference about this phagan house. Here we go.

Look at the picture. In the first picture we can see the house is designed in simple and minimalist way. The house is not too spacious. When you see the house, you can see the wall is painted in grey color like basic paintings with no polishing. The roof has different shapes compares to the other houses. Of course you want to see it clearly in detail, right? This is a very great phagan house design that you can take as reference.

From the front yard, we can see the house looks standing firmly with simple deign. The house is dominated in grey color with wooden glass window and wooden door. In the right side of the house, there is a long stairs that will connect you into the roof. In the front yard, there is a green grass and green plants which looks so lovely and beautiful with natural design ideas. The house is located near by the beach but it has a pool in its front yard.

Like what you see, the pool is placed in the front yard with wooden pool deck in brown color nearby it. The pool looks cool and it makes your house is closer to the beach with nature nuance. Now, what do you think of having a house like this? Do you feel great and feel more confident now? This house represents a lovely and a very nice design of pagan house as a new innovation for houses architecture deigns ideas. Phagan house design ideas like these will be a very nice idea for you to have a house with unique design and style.

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