Unique Wooden Terrace to Design Open Space Area of Lake House

Fine Brown Sofa And White Table On Fur Rug

Design of wooden terrace can be designed uniquely such applied in a lake house style in a project of Noosa Sound House created by Bark Design Architects. This wooden terrace style is made in a lake house style that has a modern concept. By using wooden terrace design created by Bark Design Architects a house terrace can be functioned as a comfortable open space area that is suitable for relaxing.

Iron fence design applied in an exterior terrace will make a house exterior design to look more interested and modern. Wooden terrace design completed with iron fence is a special characteristic of Noosa Sound House project. Wooden material that becomes material domination in a lake house style created by Bark Design Architects is appropriated to be combined with large glass window designs. That is why there are many large glass windows applied for designing wall.

Natural wooden material is also used to design gate in front of a house. It will make a lake house design created has a natural impression. There are some simple and modern furniture that are applied in a terrace that can be functioned as a comfortable facility to do relaxing. Wooden furniture designs such as, chairs, relaxing bed, and others that have a simple and unique style will be able to be functioned maximally in a house terrace.

Floor design of exterior terrace in Noosa Sound House project is made from wooden material and modern tile designs that will make the terrace design to look interested and modern. These floor designs are chosen because wooden furniture design applied in a house terrace will look suitable with those terrace floor designs. To use iron fence, wooden floor, wooden simple furniture designs in a house terrace become wooden terrace design ideas created special by Bark Design Architects.

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