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When you live in a village, you may have a plan to have a village house. You want to not too have a prominent house that may make your house too different with the surrounding houses, but you want modern look for your house. What should you do if you face a problem like this? You can try to have a traditional exterior but modern interior. Can you imagine that? If you can’t, here are some pictures that may help you to imagine the traditional exterior but modern interior house.

Look at the exterior of this house. The village house design is so traditional without any significant finishing. You can see the brick wall which brings the natural and traditional nuance to this house. There are some stones around the house. The roof of this house is so traditional. The white doors and white windows are also so simple. The appearance of the house like this will not make your house too different with other surrounding houses!

On the contrary with the exterior which is so traditional, the interior of this house is so modern. You can see in the picture the simple but modern ornament in around the stair. Some parts of walls are so unique with the dots. The dining room is united with the kitchen. When you go through to the bedroom, you will see solid blue walls which will lead you to calm and peaceful rest. There are just a few furniture within this house. In the bedroom you will just see a bed, in the living room you will just see a simple square sofa, etc, but the interior still bring the modern touch. The wooden flooring of this house seems to make the interior not leaving the traditional look although the interior is using modern style.

See? You can still make your home from the outside traditional if you want to be as traditional as other houses. But you can apply modern look to the interior, if you love to have modern interior. Hope that these village house ideas help you very much!

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