Unique Trapezoidal House Exterior Designs

Trapezoidal House With Timber Wall And Ceiling

Trapezoidal House is one of the ways on how you make anyone passing your house interested in for a closer look. In addition to the design and theme decoration, house shape itself is essentially could be an appeal in a home, especially if you are thinking to create something unusual. Home is not just a place to stay for you and your family, but more than that, an interesting design will make anyone give more to your personality assessment.

The following is one idea can inspire from the Cloudy Bay Shack, a modern house designed by Tonkin Zulaikha Greer Architects. The first interesting thing of this Modern Trapezoidal House is a favorable location and bless this home with beautiful views of the surrounding nature. That’s why the designers thought to design wooden walls instead of concrete walls, so that it can adapt well with the natural surroundings. Not only have that, the floor-to-ceiling also contributed to create a natural atmosphere in the house by bringing the beauty of the surrounding landscape in.

But nevertheless, when you see this house from all sides, you will be enchanted by the unique trapezoidal shape, consisting of two trapezoidal which met on the straight side. Sharp angle that occurs from the meeting of two wooden walls give a modern twist on the exterior design of the house. What makes it more remarkable is that the walls of the timber can be opened and closed with the window behind it, so the owner can enjoy an entertainment in the home. Downstairs public space that accommodate elongated, consisting of a dining room furnished with wooden dining furniture, and living room with contemporary sofa facing the window and a fireplace which gives warmth to the entire room.

Built-in shelves filled with ornaments and decorations that add value to the interior public spaces. Not only that, large backyard with green grass covering it also brings natural atmosphere into the open living room. This living room of Modern Trapezoidal House Designs is designed with a contemporary sofa and armchair brown wood.

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