Unique Rustic Villa Design with Modern Touch

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Spend holiday time in rustic villa design which combine with modern touch maybe it will be great. In one of villa design in Stockholm used this design. The exterior, interior and furniture design has good combination and absolutely can make people satisfied when living there for relaxation.

Rustic Villa Design with Modern Touch

Related to this situation, when you want get the sensation and fresh mind maybe you can try to live in one of villa in Stockholm. The villa used rustic interior design and then combined with modern touch. This villa also has beautiful view which is lake view in front.

The exterior design of this villa used contemporary shaped design but using rustic touch and then finishing with modern design. This villa made from wooden material and glass material. Well, the patio furniture in the patio also used rustic design. The interior design of this villa used wooden floor design and the interior also has modern touch. Using open floor design, the living room used sectional fabric sofa completed with cushions and the dining room used rustic design for the dining table. The dining chairs used wooden furniture but it looks modern with using glossy and smooth varnish. Using glass corridor design we can see the lake view when we are eating and sleep in the bedroom. The bedroom used simple design. The bathroom used simple rustic design when using ceramics design for bathroom tile. The staircase used rustic style but finishing with modern touch when using stylish iron for the handling. In top floor used for reading space which has simple bookshelf design and then completed with sofa bed and added with cushions.

The Comfortable of Rustic Villa Design

If you are interested to try live in this villa for spend your holiday this is a good idea. You can feel the sensation and get the new fresh mind with that. You can also realize it in your home when you want have rustic room design.

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