Unique Modern Rustic House Design

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Redecorating the house into Modern Rustic House can be an interesting idea. You may have lived for years in a house and getting bored with the old design and decoration, or you want a modern look for your traditional home, it’s time you started thinking about the idea to renovate the house again with a new concept. Modern concept that is now favored by many people also turned out to be applicable in the countryside. Provided we know how to make it easy to adapt to the environment of beautiful village.

Modern Rustic House from the Outside

You may not have thought of how an ancient farmhouse can be turned into a modern house with a very practical and minimalist design. Modern Rustic House with Wooden Box design in Amaras, Portugal is the proof. Topos Atelier de Arquitectura has been hard at work trying to juggle a farmhouse into a modern house with a very unique look. You would be interested to observe this house closely when passing in front of it. How not? With its shape that looks like a large wooden box that seems very striking between the wall rocks and green grass. What made it more unique, this wooden box made by crafting some wooden logs regularly so as to provide a kind of loophole between them.

Modern Rustic House Interior Designs

Combination of traditional and modern styles are also felt when you entered the front of the house, with a long corridor between stone walls and wooden walls. Walk along the tile floors corridor will provide you with a strong rural feel. While when you get into the “cubic” you will immediately feel the difference. Wooden staircase which connected with shiny wooden floors takes you to the modern kitchen and bedroom inside.

This unique Modern Rustic House with Wooden Box Design in the countryside combines the impression of natural stone and wood in the modern and rustic concept which makes it looks amazing.

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