Unique Modern House with Unusual Form to Adequate the need of Openness and Privacy

Unique Modern House Design In 2013 With Black Curtain And Kids Room Blue Modern Egg Chair Green Playful Rug White Floor White Ceiling

Most people are having their house side by side with the neighbor but this modern house is different from the rest. It chooses to have slanted position which allows the owner to gain privacy from the neighbor and in the same time is receiving enough sunlight from a lot of opener in the house. The part of the house that is facing the streets is covered with brick walls exterior and slanted lattice partition. This enables the passerby’s eyes wandering inside while the house still gets the outside scenery from the lattice.

The lower side of the modern house design and the upper side of the house is not symmetrically placed. In fact the upper house looks floating with the edge is wider than the lower floor. The rustic bricks exterior walls give homey and modest feelings to the surrounding. The lower side of the house is place kid’s room. The white walls interior is design throughout the room. The kid’s room has white appearance but the children furniture is chosen with blue color. Blue and white children bedroom looks very clean and fresh. The bedroom is completed with egg chair and playful rug. Since it is located right next to the floor to ceiling window, you can place black curtain to avoid too much light entering the room.

You can find most of the living area in the upper floor with lots of glassy windows opener which completed with bright white ceiling to floor curtain. This beautiful modern house is dominated with monochrome interior design. The square glass walls are allowing many lights entering the house and blurring the partition between the rooms. The monochrome modern kitchen looks dazzling with its sleekness and cleanliness. The black wall cabinet is place up to the ceiling and the shiny glossy kitchen backsplash bring sophisticated alive.

You can see white contemporary dining room sets next to the kitchen. Contemporary fibers lighting is placed between the areas. In the other side of the kitchen you can walk to the living room. Just as the kitchen, this monochrome living room is also looks wonderful. For more details on modern house design ideas, you can browse for photo gallery below.

Unique Modern House Design In 2013 With Flat Roof And Glass Door White Ceiling Wooden Floor Glass Ceiling Top Floor Large Glass Window White Curtain

Unique Modern House Design In 2013 With Flat Roof And Rustic Bricks Exterior Walls Glass Door Glass Window White Slats

Unique Modern House Design In 2013 With Flat Roof And Rustic Bricks Exterior Walls Glass Door Green Grass

Unique Modern House Design In 2013 With Flat Roof And Rustic Bricks Exterior Walls Glass Door Large Glass Window Beautiful Modern House White Stair Sliding Glass Window

Unique Modern House Design In 2013 With Flat Roof And Rustic Bricks Exterior Walls Glass Door White Slats

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unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-top-floor-and-glass-door-large-glass-window-wooden-floor-white-table-white-chair-black-sofa
unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-glass-ceiling-and-white-wall-picture-on-wall
unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-flat-roof-and-rustic-bricks-exterior-walls-glass-door-glass-window-white-slats
unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-flat-roof-and-rustic-bricks-exterior-walls-glass-door-green-grass
unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-rustic-bricks-exterior-walls-and-beautiful modern house-small-garden-green-grass
unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-glass-ceiling-and-glossy-white-floor-white-wall-picture-on-wall
unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-flat-roof-and-glass-door-white-ceiling-wooden-floor-glass-ceiling-top-floor-large-glass-window-white-curtain
unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-black-curtain-and-kids-room-blue-modern-egg-chair-green-playful-rug-white-floor-white-ceiling
unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-monochrome-modern-kitchen-and-wooden-floor-white-wall-white-ceiling-large-glass-window-glass-door-unique-hanging-lamp
unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-monochrome-modern-kitchen-and-wooden-floor-white-wall-white-ceiling-white-chair-unique-hanging-lamp-shiny-glossy-kitchen
unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-monochrome-livingroom-black-sofa-and-large-glass-window-wooden-floor-white-wall-white-ceiling-green-pillows-black-pillow-white-curtain
unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-flat-roof-and-rustic-bricks-exterior-walls-white-ceiling
unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-flat-roof-and-rustic-bricks-exterior-walls-glass-door-white-slats
unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-flat-roof-and-top-floor-wooden-floor-walls-white-slats-white-aluminum
unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-top-floor-flat-roof-and-large-glass-window-wooden-floor-glass-ceiling-white-curtain-white-table-white-chair
unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-monochrome-modern-kitchen-and-wooden-floor-white-wall-white-ceiling-shiny-glossy-kitchen
unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-flat-roof-and-rustic-bricks-exterior-walls-glass-door-large-glass-window-beautiful-modern-house-white-stair-sliding-glass-window
unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-monochrome-livingroom-black-sofa-and-large-glass-window-wooden-floor-white-wall-white-ceiling-green-pillows-black-pillow
unique-modern house-design-in-2013-with-flat-roof-and-rustic-bricks-exterior-walls-white-slats


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