Unique Hotel Design Unify in Diversity

Awesome Hotel Design In 2013 With Hotel Restaurant Design Idea And Fullcolor Flowerpot Wooden Floor Dining Restaurant Table Restaurant Chairs

It is not every day you will find hotel design as you can see in Mama Shelter in Istanbul Turkey. Istanbul is a place where people and culture mix together and try to blend with another while still holding tight to the native identity. The hotel is design to complete the meaning of it is ok to be different and being proud of it. What you need is mutual understanding that will make people stand harmoniously.

This hotel design ideas is to provide a place where the tourist can enjoy the diversity that they will enjoy in the city as well as in the hotel. You will see in different area in this hotel has different style. In the bedroom you can find modern design bedroom with the touch of action movie character décor. In this white modern bedroom you can find simple modern beds with character mask place over the bed side lamps. Beneath the beds you can find big size of Istanbul map rug.

As for the public place, this hotel design smartly to attract the customer. In the hotel restaurant design you will find that it divided into some sections which you can choose based on your likeness. The restaurant ceiling is placed some kind of massive blackboard ceiling where you also can find writings on the ceiling. You can think that it is a genius or quirky ceiling design. And it does not stop there since you also can see the restaurant design with colorful swim ring hanging from the ceiling. There is also musical instrument hall of fame with spot lights on the side of the restaurant wall.

On one side of the restaurant you can see the family home design with cozy stripped black and white sofa accompany with patterned colorful cushion. Here and there you can see stacks of magazines and books which place next to the table lamps. On the other side of this restaurant, the dining table is simple and is completed with different types of dining chairs. You can find more stunning hotel design ideas from below photo gallery.


Awesome Hotel Design In 2013 With Hotel Restaurant Design Idea And Wooden Floor Glass Window Dining Restaurant Table Dining Restaurant Chairs

Awesome Hotel Design In 2013 With Istambul Map Rug And White Bed White Curtain White Table White Chair White Brick Wall Large Glass Window

Awesome Hotel Design In 2013 With Orange Bed And Istambul Map Rug White Brick Wall

Awesome Hotel Design In 2013 With Orange Bed And Istambul Map Rug White Table White Chair

Awesome Hotel Design In 2013 With Round Coffee Table And White Chairs Hanging Lamp

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