Unique Contemporary House with Wooden Interior

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Modern lifestyle has influenced Contemporary House types which are much in demand these days. Dynamic design with real geometric lines dominate today’s modern home. Along with the development of contemporary architecture, many people are beginning to develop a unique contemporary house that looks different than the others.

Futuristic Contemporary House

What do you think when crossing the Fairhaven Residence? The unique and unusual shape of the Contemporary House with Wooden Interior attracted many passers-by. you probably would interested to observe the shape of the house which looks like three gray cube that stacked with three different directions, these all three presenting a beautiful view of the ocean with their large transparent windows. Other futuristic shape was one room that was made salient to the front so it will remind you to the shape of the future house in science fiction movies.

Wooden Contemporary House

Wood is the first thing you will have in mind when touring the inside of the house. not only the wooden floor covering throughout the house, but also the walls and ceilings, while maintaining its original color, it gives the impression as if one were in the wooden house. Embracing the concept of a minimalist, this house is not filled with a lot of furniture. In the living room for example, you will only find artistic yellow sofa in the middle of the room lengthwise facing windows that offer views of the blue ocean and trees. Even you can sit comfortably in the living room on cold weather though, because this room is also equipped with a modern fireplace with a chimney system that guarantees you will be free from smoke and dust. Some stacked wood logs also add a natural impression in the sitting room.

Strong impression of wood materials can also be found in the kitchen that joins the dining room. Kitchen is designed with the concept of a kitchen island with cabinets, floors, ceilings and wooden walls. Contemporary House with Wooden Interior Designs presents a serving table that looks like “island” which emerged from the middle of the floor.

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