Unique Contemporary Home in Special Location

Contemporary Wooden House Reef Design

The design for home nowadays is very various, including contemporary home which become a trend too. This kind of trend is suitable for people, because it offers a simple home, but great facilities. The outside design of home is also great, where side of roof consists from arrangement of woods and surround a half of building. The top roof also use wood component for inside and outside. The unique thing is this home build on above of big stones which surround that area. Some big stones exist in around that land. Then, people design it as well as one of part from home design itself. The contemporary building it like exist in the middle of quite area, where there is no other building around that land beside that home. However, that is not a matter, because the view outside of home is beautiful with sea panorama.

Contemporary Home Architecture

The architecture for this home is simple actually. However, it is look difficult on the position of home itself. This contemporary home design position is on top of rock near sea, so it is look like higher, if people see from the bottom. The position is in highlands of seaside. There are some big stones around that land which become one of supporter too for home design. The reason is because that stones can be one or ornament design for home itself.

The view from home itself can be lead to the some directions, because of top floor consist from glass window and it is surround that building. Then, it is covered by wood layer as roof side. For inside of home, there are a set of dining table and chairs, living room, where both of rooms unity without any boundary. Then, there is also space for terrace, where usually used for sundeck, because it also lead to the beach panorama on front of house. Inside of home, there is also stone which one of accessory for home design becomes.

Contemporary Home Position

Actually, the most unique thing from this home is position itself. The position of home becomes one of important part which should be decided by people, if they want to build a contemporary model with unique design. Contemporary home location always needed for people to find a good place to enjoy their life time.

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