Unique 5 Storey Apartment Designs

Fine 5 Storey Apartment Wooden Bulkhead Space Dark Floor Tiles Large Glass Window

If you live in a big city, see building of apartments is not a stranger, including 5 Storey Apartment. But you certainly will find that the apartment building in Melbourne, Australia, the work of Hue Apartments project is a building that would invite anyone who saw to stop and maybe even take pictures here because of the unique shape of the building.

Unique Front Look of 5 Storey Apartment

Seen from the highway, you might be surprised with a building that is in front of you, you will do no justice even expect to find 5 Storey Apartment Building behind it. A square of wood panels with circular holes is the main attraction of this building. not only that, a small park at the bottom gives the impression of natural on green grass and spotlights that make the “box” looks very exotic.

Then when you look at the side of the building this box, you’ll see the glass windows of the five-storey apartment is hiding behind this big wooden box. Wooden box accent with holes circle is not only a main display on the front, but you will also find the same accent on the bulkhead space at the terrace apartments.

5 Storey Apartment Interior Designs

Like most modern apartments in the city center, this apartment using a transparent window on each floor unit, so you do not even need to go to see the interior design, pretty look from the front. White interior and gray tiles in a brick pattern become an apartment setting as a whole. Minimalist and open plan concept is concepts used in designing the interior of the apartment, seen from how the owner combines the functions of a minimalist pantry with sitting room and dining room. Choice of colors and furniture designs appeal to the decor of these 5 Storey Apartment Building Designs, for example, of black patterned carpet and two large green cushions that serves as a seat.

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