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This house is a request from a client in Pergine Valsugana, Trento, Italy. The house was remodeled by Burmazzi Feltrin Architects in 2009. The architect is trying to give modern, sustainable and efficient elements to the house. At the same time, they want their client enjoy the best view of medieval Pergine Valsugana castle. It is a great home improvement idea.

The Focus of the Improvement

The challenge of the project is remodeling and rebuilding of an already existing house. Luckily, the location of the house is ideal. The exact location is below the medieval castle of Pergine Valsugana. One of the focuses of the improvement is to get the beautiful view and the sun exposure all year around. PF single family house is a good example if you have a house in an ideal location. The main idea of this house is creating a house with a strong structure, energy efficiency system and a perfect spatial inside and outside. For that reason, the architect is using steel to support the structure of the existing building. There is a connector on the first floor to the ceiling. To give pillar free ground floor the first floor is using a Vierendel beam.

Energy Efficiency Systems

On the other hand, you will see high level of energy on the core of the house. For example the walls are made from prefabricated preassembled wood. It is added by wooden fiber panel insulation. The best thing is on the use of larch casing and the frame which are low emission of heat. Just like stated before, the whole systems of this house are using high efficiency ventilation. The heating and cooling system are also supported by the radiant walls and floors. To get hot water, the technology is supported by solar system. In short, it consists of two constructive levels. Those are the inferior level which is the heavy one and the superior as the light one. The wood larch is also used as the way into the building and it creates a strong interrelation between the indoor and the outdoor. This is also the connector between private space and the rural surrounding.

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