The Unique Design of Casa Cor by Nildo Moro and Rafael Simonazzi

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There are some architects that try to show their ability to create unique designs for some rooms, homes, and some other property. When we talk about unique design of space you must check Casa Cor. What is it? It is interior design showcase in some cities in America. This place was designed by Nildo Moro and also Rafael Simonazzi. The design of this place is very unique because you can see extraordinary ornament and decoration. You who want to know more about this place can find the answer here.

Casa Cor is divided into two floors. In the first floor or ground floor you can find living room. The living room is made in classic design and concept. There is simple sofa and you can find storage places in each of legs of the sofa. In the ground floor you can also find small guest room with two desks. The flooring that is used in the ground floor is laminate flooring. You can some wall paints colors in this room. In the guest room, you will see the use of unique wallpaper. How about the upper floor?

In the upper floor of Casa Cor, you can see minimalist office room. There is colorless table that will make this room looks larger. There are some decorations too in this room. You can see the unique blue sofa in this room. There is minimalist and elegant blue carpet flooring. Blue color becomes the main color for this room and the blue sofa will become the main focus when you see this floor. There are some other things that you can see in this place. You can see the billiard table too as the entertainment facility in this place too. For all of you who want to see more about this place, you can see the pictures in the site or you can call the architect.

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