The Recently Uncovered Beauty of Winchester

Awesome Full Glass Modern Home In 2013 With Glass Staircase And Glass Railings White Wall Wooden Floor Inspiring White House In 2013

Home to some of the richest Roman artifacts from the time, the area of Winchester is also a residential space home to plenty of families that enjoy a serene neighborhood and a breath-taking surrounding. Recently the renovation of the Earl of Airlie’s Manor in 2012 had come to a stunning finding of buried Romans and as well as their belongings. The initial plan was to evolve the conventional brick-wall architecture of the house into a full-glass home.

The Concept of the Earl of Airlie’s Manor

Designed to become a modern home on the inside, its exterior is left without much change. The initial plan was to install a glass staircase that would open up to a luscious garden at the back. One feature that is most loved about glass interiors is that perfectly connect rooms, the inside rooms to your backyard yet they are still able to separate private areas to the rest. Its rich history still resides on the exteriors of the home. It is only polished with glass architecture to create a timeless look of a full-lit, spacious and elegant design.

Peeking into the Interior Layout

Looking into the home decor, apart from the furniture mostly made of glass and other energy-effective material, it is also minimalistic. Very little furniture is lying around, storage spaces are optimized for both aesthetic décor and storing needs. However minimalistic the approach it is still very much alive. The bathroom for instance welcomes a shade of bright green for its cabinets to overcome the surge of white. The bedroom on the other hand welcomes optimal lighting but is balanced with personalized decors like painting and potted-plants. The kitchen is where you will find the most of metal, situated within a glass-house the metal sink cabinet is the centerpiece of the room. The house is rich in historical value as it is, with its one of a kind interior layout, it has brought glass interior to a whole new level.


Awesome Full Glass Modern Home With Glass Window And White Wall

Awesome Metal Sink Cabinet With Wooden Floor And Inspiring White House In 2013 White Dining Round Table White Dining Chairs Full Glass Home In 2013

Awesome Wooden Floor With Inspiring White House In 2013 Beautiful Drawer And Inspiring Cabinet Full Glass Home In 2013

Inspiring Metal Sink Cabinet With White Wall And Full Glass Home In 2013

Inspiring Modern Home Beautiful Exterior With Glass Door Glass Window And Conventional Brick Wall Architecture In 2013

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awesome-full-glass-modern-home-in-2013-with-glass-staircase-and-glass-railings-white-wall-wooden-floor-inspiring-white house-in-2013
inspiring-white house-in-2013-with-white-bed-and-white-wall-
inspiring-white house-in-2013-with-white-wall-and-wooden-floor-glass-staircase-glass-railings
awesome-wooden-floor-with-inspiring-white house-in-2013-beautiful-drawer-and-inspiring-cabinet-full-glass-home-in-2013
awesome-metal-sink-cabinet-with-wooden-floor-and-inspiring-white house-in-2013-white-dining-round-table-white-dining-chairs-full-glass-home-in-2013
inspiring-modern home-beautiful-exterior-with-glass-door-glass-window-and-conventional-brick-wall-architecture-in-2013
inspiring-white house-in-2013-green-drawer-and-white-brick-wall-shades-of-white-bathroom-in-2013
inspiring-white house-in-2013-with-staircase-and-white-wall


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