The House of Polygon: Another Perfect Living Space Can be Found in Japan

Beautiful Wood Floor And Staircase In Contemporary Japanese House Design

The House of Polygon is a living space that is built in the area of Tosu, Saga, Japan. If being compared to other houses that are located in the same area that can be said to be quite same in style, this house is the stand out one because of the fact that the style and design applied to it is different even if the fact is that wooden material is still use quite a lot just like any other houses in Japan for the sake of serenity in the building. This is the one that make House of Polygon to be uniquely special.

Unlike any traditional Japanese house in which partitions are often found in order to separate one room to another, the House of Polygon is purposely designed to have fewer partitions, walls, or room dividers. Of course, this design is applied not without any reason. The reason is to make sure that the interior of the house has more space that in the end it will be a spacious living space. The example of this design idea can be found in kitchen, dining room, and also living room area that are actually made to be in the same long room.

Besides the spacious interior that is decorated mostly with light color wooden materials, there is in fact another prominent thing that can be found in the design of the House of Polygon. It is in fact the façade that is made in a kind of three-dimensional design with bold black color in most parts of it. Even black color is available there this House of Polygon façade does not look that strong actually. The reason is because the front porch is completed with perfectly welcoming lighting which is warm enough to see. Moreover, there is also a small tree added as life-decoration there to soften the bold black color of the façade.

House Of Polygon Contemporary 2 Story House Design

Beautiful Living Room With Wood Wall An Flooring Also Picture Rail Lighting Decor

Inline Neon Lighting And Monorail Lighting System

House Of Polygon Front Facade

House Of Polygon With Grey And With Exterior Japan Home Design

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