Terrific Stylish Apartment as New Design Style

Glossy Black Cabinet For Room Apartment Decor

Small space area such as studio or loft can be stylish apartment if people can design it well. Futuristic might be too extravaganza but stylish never be lost in age. An apartment located in Moema, Sao Paulo, Brazil is brought bright concept by applying various colors in one precise place and time.

Stylish Apartment Colors

Take a glance look into some apartment portfolios. Let’s start with living room space at creative stylish apartment. This area looks rich and sophisticated by the use of velvet dark green-blue sofa, dappled cushion in black and soft brown stripes, milk coffee fur rug, golden statue, metallic coffee table, metallic transparent table, golden bowl, light yellow wall still in metallic material with flat television attached on it, sharp shape of black cabinet which still being glossy, marble flooring, and indoor plant in glass vase. White blind curtain is softening the mixed colors though.

Actually the light yellow wall mentioned before is made from transparent thick plastic in round shape at the center which can reflect another room area in green domination. Behind the dark cabinet, there is a hallway right to small office area with a set of black office desk, chair, and overhead storage. Furthermore, at the same space’s side, there is slim kitchen room with light olive green surface, glossy dark overhead kitchen cabinet, and close storage.

Stylish Apartment Private Area

As it mentioned before, there is another room dealing with living room area. This room or let’s called it space is designed in bold colors such as green bar stool, neon yellow chair, monochrome carpet, modern dark fireplace, and industrial rectangular pendant lamp. As bedroom’s décor, there is sea headboard with grey bed and transparent desk lamp. Bathroom is designed with glass tile olive green marble with neon yellow sink and big mirror installed above the sink as a reflection of creative stylish apartment color choice.

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