Tense Architecture Network Creates Modern Residences in Kifissia

Beams Floor With Ladder  Hanging And Steel Rope Ladder Glass Window

For all of you who are looking for modern residence design, you must check residence in Kifissia, Greece that is made by Tense Architecture Network. The structure of the residence shows the balance of exterior greenery and intimate connection.

About the Residence

The residence is made in small area and most of building will block the southern sun. The main part of this residence is the main residence itself that is made in austere prism, hovers above the free ground and centrally supported. When we look at this elegant residence design at once, we will see plants with cubic shell shape that created for this house. You can check the other side and see different thing. The three metallic columns will help the plants to climb and create house’s prism for this residence.  In the place where the plants are grown, we can find green screen that will be supported by the central columns concrete shelter with the black color. People will get enough light in the interior because there is basal watery surface.

Shape and Light of this Residence

Although you will find natural light from the reflection of basal watery surface, you can also find artificial light that will add intimacy when it is night and also protect the night. Most pedestrians will not be able to see the real shape of this house because the real house will be behind the plants. People can get enough light too from the prism that will let the sun enters some rooms in this house. The sliding panel will make intimacy connection between your house and the garden too.

By making this residence, the architect really wants to show the synergy between the architectural design and also structural design. When both of those are combined together, all people will feel better in the residence all the time. It is the unique and different contemporary residence design and there are some techniques that are used to make this prism residence look better.


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beams-floor-with-ladder- hanging-and-steel-rope-ladder-glass-window


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