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Wooden Wall Along With Wooden Ceiling Living Space Interior

Great Minimalist Residence with Spacious Land and Building

Located at an extensive land with wonderful views, there is a minimalist residence. The M&M House is constructed in a large size and minimalist concept which takes contemporary architecture. The greenery surrounding the house in Braganca Paulista, Brazil is complemented by a hill that offers sunrise in the morning and sunset in the afternoon. Looking at the exterior, it consists of one level with grass roof which gives more green…

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Wonderful Ground Pool Jacuzzi With Nature Stone Design

Elegant Tropical Beach House for Peaceful and Quiet Living Place

Living in a site with an amazing beach view is what the tropical beach house offers to you. The perfect location in Paia, Hawaii is the proper choice to build a tropical house with luxurious design as a retreat living place. The house is aimed to offer a maximum pleasure and composure far from noise and crowded city. With the sale price of $9,500,000, it will give you a live…

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Green Environment In Awesome Modern House Design Ideas With Tall Trees Are Planted In Front Of The Fences To Touch The Dwelling By Simple Green Looks And Green Plants Also Block Paved Driveways With Modern Garage Door

Clear Bright Exterior Design for a Luminous Looks from German

A Germany designer named Architekten Wannenmacher+Moeller was done a great house with a beautiful bright exterior colors. The residence is located in Weinheim, Germany. It has not only light exterior, but also a luminous interior design. It stands among a spacious green area. Lots of glass walls been applied around the building. This system will help you to enjoy the beautiful scenery given by the circumstances. Easily, take a look…

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Modern Natural Home Design In 2013 With Green Spruce And Glass Wiindow Concrete Wall Natural View

Modern Home Design with Perfect Combination of Natural Living Concept

Here is the best idea of classic modern home design that you will never forget. This house is beautifully built in classical but modern design. You will never know how beautiful the house is until you see it by yourself. This house has three floors with contemporary design but it is also classical at once. This house is located in the hills so you can see the beautiful view around…

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Awesome Metal Sink Cabinet With Wooden Floor And Inspiring White House In 2013 White Dining Round Table White Dining Chairs Full Glass Home In 2013

The Recently Uncovered Beauty of Winchester

Home to some of the richest Roman artifacts from the time, the area of Winchester is also a residential space home to plenty of families that enjoy a serene neighborhood and a breath-taking surrounding. Recently the renovation of the Earl of Airlieā€™s Manor in 2012 had come to a stunning finding of buried Romans and as well as their belongings. The initial plan was to evolve the conventional brick-wall architecture…

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White Small Gravels In Beautiful Fresh Residence With Main Door Is Opened One Continues To Walk On The Clear Glass And Built In Wooden Bench Also Outdoor Landscape With Green Grass And Tropical Plants Plus White Wall

Modern Fresh Residence with the Holes in the Walls

Are you looking for the fresh residence inspiration for your house? There are many characteristic of the healthy house. One of the characteristic of the healthy house is the house that is bright and has the enough ventilation. With the bright room, you can minimize the bacteria. While with enough ventilation, you can have the fresh air circulation. So, does your house have those criteria? Many people do not know…

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Backyard Green Grass Area Wooden Floor

Great Family House Design in Spain

I believe that every family deserve to have a great family house to live and if you want to create that kind of house, I think this stunning family house design cam be such a great example for you. This superb family home design idea has the entire requirement of how family house should like. It is cozy, spacious, and comfortable. This wonderful family house design idea may not one…

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