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Orange Staircase Wooden Staircase White Wall High Ceiling

Intense Extension Project for Growing Family

Growing family commonly needs bigger home stay to live in, that’s become the main reason why extension project is being popular. One of these kinds of project is created by NatureHumaine which renovating home located in Rosemont-Petite-Patrie, Montreal, Canada. Added part is including private space area such as bathroom and bedroom for family’s member. New Extension Project Let see how this project bring new building’s dimension to particular big family….

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Carpet Pattern With Large Glass Window And Soft Sofa

Awesome Duplex Design by Ehrlich Architects

If you are searching for some ideas of duplex design, an awesome duplex by Ehrlich Architects, Waldfogel Residence. This residence is located in Palo Alto, California. I found this amazing duplex has some inspirational ideas for you. I also provide some pictures of this modern duplex which looks fresh outside and warm inside. The beautiful landscape surrounding the home and the warm wood materials are source of the fresh and…

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