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Excelent Single Storey Modern Home With House Glass Wall Installation

Single Storey Modern Home Ideas Inspirations

You may plan to build a single storey modern home where you, your wife and two children live. Yes, it is indeed suitable for a small family home and maybe, you will need a renovation or addition next year after your family grows. House IV is an exemplary contemporary dwelling designed in one level by De Bever Architecten, a Dutch architectural firm and located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. It looks…

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Art Collection Painting Acrylic Money Has Nothing To Do With It By Christina Marie Artworks

New and Emerging Artworks at Saatchi Online

Judging the genuineness of art work through digital media and devices have become a popular trend lately. Instead of travelling half way around the world to be in touch with an artist whose paintings or artwork you dearly admire, you can visit their collections online and see for yourself how inspiring they are. Surely the one thing you need to prevent investing in copied or duplicated artwork is an online…

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