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Syros House Entry Level Design

Great Stone House Design: Syros House, a Fortress of Summer Heat and Warm Stronghold of Winter Cold

Syros House, this project name, it is a stone house built on the steep hillside, with the Aegean Sea as the focal orientation, on Syros Island, Cyclades, Greece. This project designed by Myrto Milliou on 5000 square-foot land, a border of barren mountainside and a traditional green settlement. Utilizing masonry structure, and designed to be three-layered construction, a thick masonry on the first exterior layer (16 inches), an insulation on…

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Modern Living Room Design 2013 Leather Wooden Lazy Chair On Dark Carpet WIth Fireplace

Elegant Modern Concept Building: Wrights Roads, a Warm Escape of Cold Forest

This modern house, located in Aspen, Colorado, is built on approximately 10.000 square-foot area of mountainside: Modern concept building approach, can be seen portrayed elegantly in this Wrights Roads. Geometric expression, textures play, and luxurious interior create the space to live. The site project is located on mountainside, surrounded by forest. This trait is carefully integrated and applied into design to bring the building orientation maximally: creating a big opening…

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