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Simple Living Room Design White Floor Black Features Red Ornaments

Pitsou Kedem Architects’ Town House in Israel

Pitsou Kedem Architects have successfully built a town house which takes place in Tel Aviv, Israel. This house is a typical modern and minimalist house which is designed sophisticatedly. This Tel Aviv town house employs different design and architecture which make this house look extraordinary and comfortable, even though it is located in a busy city in Israel. Tel Aviv town house is a two-level-house which employs neutral color scheme….

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Warm Living Area With Low Profile Table And Long Sofa And Ottoman On Grey Carpet

Gorgeous Ideas using Contemporary Concept for Beachfront Residence

Even if you’re not a beach lover, the idea to have your own beachfront residence is always hard to resists. Any kind of residence which located in beach area is always tempting for anyone. The breezing wind and the drenched sunlight are always a good idea to relax you with it. The thought about waking up in the morning and take only few steps away to go swim on the…

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Grey Curtain And Bedroom Interior Seems Bright Due To Glass Window Also Black Nightstand With Small Tripod Lamp And White Upholstered Headboard Plus Mantis Floor Lamp Also Wooden Bench For Awesome Bedroom Ideas Design

Simple Approach for Home Interior Design

When it comes to home interior design, actually there are dozens of concept you can use. If you want something classy, you can consider using classic approach which emphasizes on the detailing elements on the interior. But if you want something simpler, maybe you can try to use modern minimalist approach for your home design. It offers the simplicity on the design which will make it easier for you in…

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Modern Grey Armchair In Amazing Bedroom Ideas Design With Oval Mirror Wall And Wooden Table Also Glass Wall With Glass Door And Grey Sheer Curtain Plus White Bedding Also Pillow Is Painted In Black And White Color

Stunning House Residence Design with Two Levels

There are many ideas that can be applied in the inside of the House Residence Design, including to design he house design with the existence of the best architecture design that has been planned to have the two leveled house architecture design ideas. To have more than one level in a house design will be able to make a house design has a great look that has been showcased from…

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Meeting Space Wood Table Comfort Chair Garden View

Mild Decorative Architecture to Express Personal Style

A residence with decorative architecture must be attempting for many people. Decoration is commonly used to express personal style and to help the house delivering right impression to the guests. Instead of using extravaganza ones, simple and natural decoration might bring the better value since it also easily combine with any home’s style range from classic to modern site. Decorative Architecture Elements Take a look at some decorative elements which…

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Indoor Potted Orchid In What Is Beautiful Interior Decoration Designs With Folded Glass Doors And Concrete Wall Also White Sectional Sofa With Brown Furry Rug And Flat Screen Tv

Family Home Interior Supporting Warm Relationship of Your Family

Besides appreciating the architecture design with excellent floor plan design, you will also find a surprising family home interior of this Y House. It was designed by New York-based ONG&ONG in two storey design. Some wide glass windows are to create a transparent and open style design while the concrete and wood additions are to support warm ambiance of this modern dwelling. Stylish facade design presents the glass windows are…

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Neat And Tidy Kichen Room With White Island With Marble Counter And Dark Wooden Bar Stools

Fabulous Bay Side Residence in Martha’s Vineyard

When it comes to bay side residence, you know it will be hard to say no. For some people, the value of a house is not only on its beautiful design, but also on the magnificent location. Matter of fact, the location element is the thing that will be a selling point in the future. And sure, to have a house in such beautiful location on the bay side is…

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Magnificent Living Room Decor With Grey Thick Rug On Wooden Floor With Black Sofa Set And Spinning Chair

Stunning Minimalist Inspirations for Home Interior Design

When you’re dealing with home interior design, you know you really can’t take it for granted. Business with interior design is really a serious business you need to be careful with. The interior design itself is quite important for the home design in a whole, because it represents not only the personality of the owner, but sometimes also reflects their social status. And you sure don’t want to give bad…

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Blue Color In Pool In Fantastic Contemporary Home Design Ideas With With Outdoor Swimming Pool And Wooden Deck Also Wall Sconce With Glass Window And  Landscape Lighting At Night

Cool Inspirations for Contemporary Home Design

If you are a fan of contemporary home design, you should have known the benefits of using this home design. One of the most favourite things about this home design concept is its flexibility to be modified and even combined with any other concept. The possibility to create a new hybrid design under the contemporary concept is always open. And for the most of people, this is the most attractive…

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Beautiful White Corridor With Dark Bookshelves And Drop Ceiling Lighting

Amazing Apartment Interior Design in NYC

Moving to apartment means you have to deal with apartment interior design. As you know, for some people the interior design of their apartment is the most challenging part of move to the apartment. It is not only the space that often becomes the challenge in planning the interior; the unique structure of the apartment itself usually makes us need to think hard to find the best interior that fits…

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