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Concrete Floor And Ceiling Interior Decor

Da House: An Industrial House with Peaceful Ambience

Da House is a name given to a full-concrete-house which is located near Black Sea coast. This house is designed by Igor Sirotov Architects. According to the news, this house employs the combination of traditional Japanese home design with modern industrial home architecture. Unlike the other modern or traditional houses which are located in a suburb of a country, Da House is designed very peacefully. This house employs concrete surface…

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Modern Concept Building 2013 Warm House Facade In Cold Forest With Snow Trees

Elegant Modern Concept Building: Wrights Roads, a Warm Escape of Cold Forest

This modern house, located in Aspen, Colorado, is built on approximately 10.000 square-foot area of mountainside: Modern concept building approach, can be seen portrayed elegantly in this Wrights Roads. Geometric expression, textures play, and luxurious interior create the space to live. The site project is located on mountainside, surrounded by forest. This trait is carefully integrated and applied into design to bring the building orientation maximally: creating a big opening…

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Exterior Concrete Wall Natural Material Design

Futuristic Highland Home in The Middle of Hills

There are some alternatives of place which can be location for house living, including highland home which become one of trend in the middle of people. The special position of that place which attract people to build home in there. Those places accommodate people to see around of land from high position. People can see other town from top floor of home. It is unique too, because added by smart…

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Large Mirror Glass Transparent Material Wooden Flooring Glass Window

Modern Home Shape Design in Green Neighborhood

The design of home in green neighborhood needs a good home shape which can complete the outside looking from that home itself. The form of roof, and building on the bottom also unique. The second floor has a form which similar with trapezoidal form, where one side range to other side. Then, for basic building which becomes main building has square model. So, the arrangement between top floor and bottom…

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Sagaponack Luxury Beach House Architecture

Large Contemporary Residence for Big Family House Living

The big family always needs big space of room and more amount of furniture, and then contemporary residence presented to give those kind of demanded. The modern home which become part of modern life always applied by people in any kinds of aspect, including for their house living. With member of family more than three people, the big space is needed and to support their daily life activity. Besides that,…

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Eco House Grass Roof Wooden Deck

Great Minimalist Residence with Spacious Land and Building

Located at an extensive land with wonderful views, there is a minimalist residence. The M&M House is constructed in a large size and minimalist concept which takes contemporary architecture. The greenery surrounding the house in Braganca Paulista, Brazil is complemented by a hill that offers sunrise in the morning and sunset in the afternoon. Looking at the exterior, it consists of one level with grass roof which gives more green…

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Green Tree With Villa Residence And Beautiful Beachside Villa Design

Amazing Beachside Villa Residence for Holiday Time

People can enjoy their holiday time in beachside villa, where the sun going nice, especially in summer time. The villa residence itself has special location, which can make people feel better and relax their holiday. The front side of villa is look like a residence in usual neighborhood. However, around of those land is almost beachside, so it looks like a home in special area near beach. The gradual model…

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Glass Windows White Table White Chairs White Ceiling Flat Television

Stunning Modern Villa Design in Urban Area

The location for this modern villa actually is not really urban. The position just near a city which separated with river on front of villa. The villa has unique characteristic, where the design from outside into inside represent what kind of owner. Regardless, from that matter, the design use open model, where there are some glass windows which surround almost a whole of villa. The design for roof too use…

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Home Theater Design White Luxury Chair Ideas

Mild Decorative Architecture to Express Personal Style

A residence with decorative architecture must be attempting for many people. Decoration is commonly used to express personal style and to help the house delivering right impression to the guests. Instead of using extravaganza ones, simple and natural decoration might bring the better value since it also easily combine with any home’s style range from classic to modern site. Decorative Architecture Elements Take a look at some decorative elements which…

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Inspiring White House In 2013 With White Wall And Wooden Floor Glass Staircase Glass Railings

The Recently Uncovered Beauty of Winchester

Home to some of the richest Roman artifacts from the time, the area of Winchester is also a residential space home to plenty of families that enjoy a serene neighborhood and a breath-taking surrounding. Recently the renovation of the Earl of Airlie’s Manor in 2012 had come to a stunning finding of buried Romans and as well as their belongings. The initial plan was to evolve the conventional brick-wall architecture…

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