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Rustick White Brick Wall Glass Wall Design Exterior Decor

Incredible Farmhouse Design in Rosignano Monferrato, Italy

It is always nice to have a great farmhouse design to live in. The character of farmhouse can become a comfort place to live and one of the best farmhouse designs can be seen in this outstanding farmhouse design. Perfect farmhouse design is not only about the design, but it is also about proving comfort environment for you to live in and I think this stunning farmhouse design is the…

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Gray Sofa With Staircase And Natural Light Cement Wall

Tense Architecture Network Creates Modern Residences in Kifissia

For all of you who are looking for modern residence design, you must check residence in Kifissia, Greece that is made by Tense Architecture Network. The structure of the residence shows the balance of exterior greenery and intimate connection. About the Residence The residence is made in small area and most of building will block the southern sun. The main part of this residence is the main residence itself that is…

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Spacious Green Area In Gorgeous Modern House Design Ideas With Outdoor Staircase And Glass Window Also Glass Wall Around Making Natural Light With Glass Fence And Garden In Backyard Plus Environment View

Clear Bright Exterior Design for a Luminous Looks from German

A Germany designer named Architekten Wannenmacher+Moeller was done a great house with a beautiful bright exterior colors. The residence is located in Weinheim, Germany. It has not only light exterior, but also a luminous interior design. It stands among a spacious green area. Lots of glass walls been applied around the building. This system will help you to enjoy the beautiful scenery given by the circumstances. Easily, take a look…

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Wooden Wall Partition Living Space Glass Wall Landscape View

Unique Modern House Design in Netherland

I believe that we all have already seen a lot of housing design in our life, but this modern house design is so unique and I think it will be hard to compare this stunning modern house design with any other design style. This creative modern house design is all about achieving beauty through simplicity and the designer has successfully created simple yet so beautiful modern house design. The unique…

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Wooden Floor With White Wooden Fence And Glass Window

Great Sorrento House Design in Australia

I believe that most of us have seen a lot of great house designs in the world, but when you see this Sorrento house design, I believe that you will still be amaze with its perfection. This stunning house design idea is about perfection of architectural design in collaboration with nature. The perfection of this amazing Sorrento house design idea formed by the greatness of the location and the design…

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Luxury Earthy Home Interior Design In Brazil

Luxurious Brazilian Residence in Large Size

There are many modern home living in Brazil and they are also designed in the best design, like the Brazilian Residence that is located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In that city, there is a very amazing and interesting residence and it was built in the best design. Besides that, the architectural design of that residence is very unquiet as well. Brazilian Residence; Elegant Exterior Design Just from the outside of…

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Grey Sofa With Large Glass Window And Wooden Floor

Perfect Contemporary House Design in Southern California

Right now, contemporary house design has become a new trend in modern housing design. The evidence of that statement can be seen in this beautiful contemporary house design. If you want to know how perfect contemporary house design should create, this amazing contemporary house design can be the perfect for your curiosity. The perfection of the architectural design and interior design is just outstanding and I think it will be…

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Wooden House Design Wide Large Glass Windows Black Cylinder Chimney

Light Wooden Contemporary Home Brings Light and Beautiful Appearance

In 2012, there was a big project of constructing a wooden contemporary home in Weinfelden, Switzerland. Its unique exterior of all wooden walls makes it as an eye-catching residence with minimalist architectural design. The cube and sharp edges become the strongest landscape which describes its strong structures. The wooden walls are collaborated with steel of the railings in the second and third floor to optimize the safety. The Dining and…

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Amazing Patio Design White Hard Floor Wooden Table Bench

Perfect in Dream Home Design South-Western Australia

What is a dream home requirement? I think it has to be perfect in architectural design, interior design and it’s located in the perfect location. I have seen that kind of house and if you haven’t, I believe that you need to see this amazing dream home design. This beautiful dream home design involving all the requirements that people made for their dream house design and I think this outstanding…

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