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White Curtain For Bedroom Partition Simply Room Decor

Stunning Apartment Redesign: Playing With Space

This beautiful apartment is a credit for Kariouk Associates, in apartment redesign project, which the client is living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. For the existing design doesn’t fit the client’s aesthetic needs, for the previous one is designed to be rigid and static circulation oriented. Each room with different function is expressed obviously with partition walls. The concept of bringing flowing circulation and adding features to fit with the existing…

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Wood Fireplace With Wood Storage

Fascinating Exclusive Loft Interior Designs

Exclusive Loft can be one a pleasant alternative as a residence. Loft does not have a room large enough to accommodate a variety of functions like a regular house, but with the right layout, you can get a comfortable place to live for a single. If you are interested in loft interior decorating, then you can read reviews of Exclusive Loft on Strandvägen below. With limited area, many people who…

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