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Awesome Balcony With Modern Outdoor Steel Armchairs Wood Coffee Table And Glass Guard Also Grey Ceramics Floor

Cozy Apartment Design for the Young People

When you decide to living in an apartment, it means that you have to deal with smaller area than the house. A special treatment will be needed to arrange the apartment to be more comfortable. With the suitable apartment design, your apartment will look more cozy and appealing. As your inspiration, there are many fantastic designs which you can choose. The San Francisco Apartment project becomes the interesting example for…

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White Wall Usefull Small Room Design In Minimalism Apartment

Stunning Apartment Redesign: Playing With Space

This beautiful apartment is a credit for Kariouk Associates, in apartment redesign project, which the client is living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. For the existing design doesn’t fit the client’s aesthetic needs, for the previous one is designed to be rigid and static circulation oriented. Each room with different function is expressed obviously with partition walls. The concept of bringing flowing circulation and adding features to fit with the existing…

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Modern Apartment Design 2013 Glass Dining Table Glass Chairs On Wooden Floor

Great Apartment Design, Mirrors Reflect the Beauty

Apartemento Leopoldo, one of great architectural apartment design, a beautiful work of Mauricio Karam Arquitetura, located on Sao Paolo, Brazil. A unique approach of architectural concept, which is commonly used, applied on this project and becomes a focal point of this apartment, a visual manipulation of creating spacious room, by using mirrors. This very concept is combined with elegant interiors thus the reflections add dramatic sense, beside the main purpose….

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Stylish Dining Furniture Ideas

Exclusive Apartment Interior Design by Jendretzki

From the Park Avenue Apartment, we can grab some inspirational ideas about apartment interior design designed in exclusive look. I have some pictures of this modern apartment which is located in Manhattan New York. The pictures of this apartment in New York tell us about how the main area of the apartment consisting of the living room and dining room and the bathroom are designed to have exclusive looks. Living…

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Simple White Apartment Stainless Steel Stairs Design

Minimalist Japanese Apartment Design Unique Residence

To have a unique home living can be an inspiring idea, like to have the Japanese Apartment Design. It will be very interesting for people to have a modern and luxurious interior design. There is a very unique residence in Yokohama, Japan. There is one residence in that city that has white – colored painting. From the outside, that house looks totally white. Japanese Apartment Design; First Floor It makes…

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Awesome Wall Mounted Side Bed Table With Modern Wall Mounted Lighting Also Wall Sheles For Froom Decor

Amazing Apartment Interior Design in NYC

Moving to apartment means you have to deal with apartment interior design. As you know, for some people the interior design of their apartment is the most challenging part of move to the apartment. It is not only the space that often becomes the challenge in planning the interior; the unique structure of the apartment itself usually makes us need to think hard to find the best interior that fits…

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