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Beautiful Modern Home Facade With White Color And Trapezoidal Shape

Modern Family Home with Unique Exterior

There is a family home which use unique exterior for its cover. The outside model deliberately designed with unique form. So, people who pass on front of home will look more about home model. It because of main building made with little bit abstract model Where there is such kind of trapezoidal form which can be found on roof. The exterior which form those kind of home also covered by…

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Wooden Staircase White Wall Glass Window

Modern Home Shape Design in Green Neighborhood

The design of home in green neighborhood needs a good home shape which can complete the outside looking from that home itself. The form of roof, and building on the bottom also unique. The second floor has a form which similar with trapezoidal form, where one side range to other side. Then, for basic building which becomes main building has square model. So, the arrangement between top floor and bottom…

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