Surprising Home Design Idea by No. 555 Architectural Design Office

Black Lamborghini With Wooden Floor And Indoor Plants

Today, I want you to have a look at some pictures of an amazing home design idea by No. 555 Architectural Design Office. I guess, you will be amazed as I was surprised with the idea of having creative connection between the living room with the garage at the basement. I love also the interior designs of the modern living room and spacious garage which is enough for nine cars.

Home Design Idea: Living Room Design

As you can see at the home design idea photos that I provide, the living room appears in impressive modern decoration with warm wooden flooring, white painting and some elegant furniture. There are some surprising ideas of this living room. First, you can see a in the middle of the room. You can also see the awesome idea to have movable floor which connects the living room with the garage so that a car can be displayed in the living room.

Home Design Idea: Garage Design

As I told before, the garage was designed for possible nine cars. It has nice white wall painting with impressive bull drawing on it, spacious area to keep some vehicles, a space for a gym, and interesting interior design. It is featured with some open shelves to keep some stuff, some attractive lights, nice glass door, fine long horizontal wall mirror, rolling door, etc. The garage appearance is also impressive which is in combination of white and black.

Besides the living room design and garage design with their impressive interiors, this house has some other parts to see. You can observe the bedroom, WC, gallery space, play room, loft, stock room and powder room. Observing these Takuya Tsuchida’s modern home design ideas photos, you will find more ideas about how to create a modern home with impressive interiors.

Black Lamborghini With Wooden Rocking Horse And Wooden Floor

Glass Ceiling With White Wall And White Ceiling

Glass Fence With Glass Ceiling And White Wall

Hanging Lamp With Indoor Plants And Wooden Floor

High Ceiling With Tall Tree And White Fan Ceiling

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wooden-floor-with-indoor-plants-and-wooden-rocking- horse


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