Superb Ocean Cottage with Soft Palette

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Big house must be tempting for family residence while beautiful scenery is making perfect impression such an ocean cottage that will be reviewed below. People can gain new experienced and getting fresh idea while staying at a kind of dynamic ambience. Don’t forget to bring holiday packing such as swim suit since this place located at seaside where crystal water and clear sky can be access anytime you need.

Here are some pictures that taking you to look at beautiful seaside residence. Blue sky paint combined with grey roof are perfect expectation from bright ocean cottage while high pine trees are being cottage’s background adding natural effect besides the sea exposure. Interior design is dominated by combination of white and blue color. At the living room, white wooden bay window is delivering fresh air to white velvet seating which facing modern fireplace for winter season. White-blue flower marble desk lamp is put on high blue coffee table while classic dark blue cabinet is stay for displaying mini indoor plant and accessories collection.

Next is feminine attitude by the use of pink rattan chair matched with mirror and sink in the similar palette. Soft blue wall décor is being background for sea scenery painting with white wooden door while blue velvet seat with red floral accent is being dining chair while blue bench dining table is perfectly matched with terracotta wall décor. The master bedroom is still painted in blue palette though, while white classic wooden bed is matched with blue-brown carpet for covering dark laminating wooden flooring.

Besides, monochrome bedroom cabinet is posited next to bed area for keeping accessories and any small item. Close to the cabinet, there is rattan couch with brown floral flat cushion while white classic bulb lamp is installed as wall lighting right above bed space. In short, bright ocean cottage design seems artistic and warmth in the same time.

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