Sublime Light House with the Dark Side

Black Wooden Wall Glass Window Outside Plant

Monochrome color is eternal palette that usually use especially for minimalist concept while if people asking about light house, they might be thinking of brightest style with joyful color trapped in a house and attempt to liven up the condition.

Light House Color Combination

Here are some photos of magnificent concept of house’s palette combination. There’s a tree greeting the guests at front yard of light and dark house. This house is currently built with two floors up where at the second floor there is a deck with small roof top area made from white stone poles material matched with futuristic couch with blue flat cushions. Grey flooring in rough surfaces is being outside flooring concept. The rough ones is more durable than clean flooring such as marble or even light wooden flooring. It must be helping to stay still at hot and rainy season.

Moreover, horizontal black wooden wall is installed matched with rough marble flooring for most of the room. Due to building’s merger, there is connecting area made from glass window and white marble flooring with mini garden décor below the connecting area. Living room area somehow decorated in more traditional style with wooden bench along the room, short wooden table, and a couple of white wooden seats. Monochrome pendant lamp is hanging matched with black fan for enhancing air circulation. The unique thing comes from the ceiling, thatch ceiling is put to fill white wooden ceiling in horizontal style.

Light House Purposes

Moreover, living room is classy with light layout and dark furniture details such as black flat television and dark window frame. Floral carpet in joyful color is matched with grey leather sofa and white chandelier. In short, the dark side often used as furniture detail while white is being the layout for making this simple light and dark house can reach its purposes.

Chimney Natural Stone Black Wall

Dark Rough Marble Flooring Hanging Black Fan Wooden Long Bench

Dark Rough Marble Flooring Large Glass Window Black Farm House Impression

Glass Door Wooden Floor Wooden Wall White Bed Glass Window White Curtain

Gray Sofas Carpet Wooden Floor Large Glass Window Flat Television Living Room Design

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