Stylish Unique House Creates Different View

Unique House  Designs In 2013 With Black Floor And Large Glass Window Unique Hanging Lamp White Sofa White Fur Carpet Flat Screen Television

Making unique house is not always as extreme as what people think. The beauty side of unique house is not always can be seen in the shape of it, but also from the choice of furniture. This black and white house is one design that can be seen. This house is deserved to be considered in the future.

Starts viewing the outside, arid feeling is what it got when seeing the grass. The grass is half green and half dry in some parts. Big stones appear on the arid grass. Going to the right side of the outdoor, pool is found with some relaxing chairs behind it. This pool is made higher that the grass. Not far from the pool, dry tree is standing in brown. Focus on this one oh unique house designs, the lowest level of the house is colored in black, while the upper level is colored in white. Big windows and slim tall windows hole the wall in modern way. Black door is what needed to view the inside of the house. White pillowy sofas are lined neatly around white side table. Dry flowers in a vase is perfect accessories to suit with dry theme that already applied in outside. White kitchen surface is facing the back side of outdoor. Feet are also be comforted while sitting in the living room by white leather carpet.

White and black bed is suiting the theme. Not only bed, but also the book racks, big floor vase, chair, side table, and lamp are colored as the theme. Big rectangular painting is hanged on the bed, painted in abstract way. Coming inside bathroom, black brick wall is displayed the material of the wall. Modern sink is hanging independently above wood counters. Chandeliers that put in not so far with the sink are ready to perfume the bathroom.

This modern furniture is set in minimalist style. Black and white dominates both in outside and inside home. Choosing unique house plants will support the uniqueness of house.

Unique House  Designs In 2013 With Black Wall And White Roof Arid Grass Rectangular Swimming Pool Glass Window

Unique House  Designs In 2013 With Glass Fence And Glass Window Black Wall Arid Grass Rectangular Swimming Pool

Unique House  Designs In 2013 With Large Glass Transparent Wall And Beautiful Bedroom Design White Bed White Pillows Black Cabinet White Wall White Chair

Unique House  Designs In 2013 With Large Glass Window And Beautiful Bedroom Design White Bed White Pillows Black Blanket Large Bookcase Art Painting On Wall Unique Black Chair Standing Lamp

Unique House  Designs In 2013 With Large Glass Window And Beautiful White Bedroom Design White Bed White Pillows White Wall White Chair Standing Lamp

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unique-house- designs-in-2013-with-large-mirror-and-glossy-black-bathroom-design-glossy-black-floor-modern-sink-black-brick-wall
unique-house- designs-in-2013-with-large-glass-window-and-glass-fence-arid-grass-white-roof-black-wall
unique-house- designs-in-2013-with-arid-view-and-green-trees-large-glass-window-arid-grass
unique-house- designs-in-2013-with-beautiful-bedroom-design-white-bed-white-pillows-black-blanket-white-wall-large-bookcase-standing-lamp-black-side-table
unique-house- designs-in-2013-with-glass-fence-and-glass-window-black-wall-arid-grass-rectangular-swimming-pool
unique-house- designs-in-2013-with-large-glass-window-and-beautiful-bedroom-design-white-bed-white-pillows-black-blanket-large-bookcase-art-painting-on-wall-unique-black-chair-standing-lamp
unique-house- designs-in-2013-with-large-glass-window-and-unique-hanging-lamp-white-sofa-white-fur-carpet-black-floor
unique-house- designs-in-2013-with-large-glass-window-and-beautiful-white-bedroom-design-white-bed-white-pillows-white-wall-white-chair-standing-lamp
unique-house- designs-in-2013-with-large-glass-transparent-wall-and-beautiful-bedroom-design-white-bed-white-pillows-black-cabinet-white-wall-white-chair
unique-house- designs-in-2013-with-black-floor-and-large-glass-window-unique-hanging-lamp-white-sofa-modern-kitchen-design-modern-stove-indoor-plants
unique-house- designs-in-2013-with-black-wall-and-white-roof-arid-grass-rectangular-swimming-pool-glass-window
unique-house- designs-in-2013-with-black-floor-and-large-glass-window-unique-hanging-lamp-white-sofa-white-fur-carpet-flat-screen-television
unique-house- designs-in-2013-with-rectangular-swimming-pool-and-arid-view-white-house-black-wall-large-glass-window-glass-door


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