Stunning Spacious Home in Modern Style

Simple Backyard Of Spacious Home Design With Large Rectangular Pool And Wide Deck Wooden Wall

The Okura House, a residence located in Auckland, New Zealand is one of the examples about how a spacious home may look stunning as well with the sprawling lawn as part of the exterior. Designed by Bossley Architects, the beauty of this building also lies in the combination between the minimalist details of the landscape combined with the modern details of the building. The exterior of the building combines the textured stone, transparent glass as doors and windows, and wooden walls. The angular yet simple detail on the roof defines the simplicity of the building as well.

This modern spacious home marks the separation between the building and the sprawling lawn from the clear line details of the patio. Stunning additional details can be seen from the use of small bushes as part of the decoration of the patio, as well as the choice of pebbles in the natural color to offer the natural tone perfectly. From the patio, you and your family or friends can enjoy the outdoor dining space in a rustic style from the use of reclaimed wooden tables and chairs. Plus, they are arranged to face a fireplace in traditional style from the use of textured stone as part of decoration. On the other side, you will find the modern, black dining set arranged on the patio as to contrast the white tone of the floors.

The combination between black and white with the weathered woods can be seen from the outdoor pool. The black glass is used as separator in a contemporary look, while the weathered woods are used as separators as well as offering texture for this minimalist modern space. The built-in lamps are installed on the weathered woods, providing beautiful reflection of golden lights on the surface of the refreshing pool water.

The modern spacious home design for the porch of this residence will also enchant you from the combination between the modern styles with some elements of nature. The angular style can be seen from the roof, which is painted in weathered gray for the unfinished look. The textured stones are combined perfectly with the small bushes as refreshing green tine in this minimalist yet clearly defined space. The texture of wooden can be seen to wrap the main door area, which is equipped with an LED light as to emphasize the modern style.

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