Stunning Private Residence in Capital City

Grey Floor With White Round Carpet And White Cabinet

Nowadays the capital city become favorite place to live, so there are some providers that offer private residence for people who live in city. In capital city most of people work and sometimes prefer to chose apartment or that kind of residence as their house living. The modern living already influences people, including in their residence. People in the middle of capital city like to design their home with minimalist model. Even, it just apartment or home, people prefer to apply something simple and practice. Most of people in that region are very busy with their own work at office, so because of it, they design their home or residence with enjoyable nuance without any kind of complicated furniture, but still have unique sense of interior or furniture. The colors of wall painting also should be prepared as well by people. Some of them use neutral color like white to become its main foundation of color, and become single main color too. There is no complicated design of furniture, but only unique design of covered lamps, or wall art paintings. This kind of residence tends to be private that combined by modern and minimalist. People can do anything inside of that home freely.

Private Residence Model

The main model from this kind of residence can be seen from inside design. Where people only put some important furniture without any additional property which little bit useless. The rooms in private residence concept also designed as well with combination of two rooms in one area. The facilitation in this residence is completed enough, and accommodates almost all of people’s activity inside of home. Actually, there is no such kind of ornament on wall or ceiling. It usually consists from two floors, where top floor always become the more private one. Then, the ground floor becomes public room. The interior is simple with white color domination for whole wall paintings, and including the furniture too.

Related with the rooms, people prefer to unite two rooms in one area. For example like kitchen and dining room. The kitchen exists on one side and the kitchen sets adhere on wall. Then, there is dining sets on one side or front of kitchen set. Other that, there is a living room which united with family room. There is facility of television, and speaker. The top floor consists from bedroom, space to study or work, and also simple bathroom. Even, it just simple room inside of home, but almost all of furniture has modern sense, because the modern one offer something practice which suitable for busy people.

Private Residence Living

The modern one lead to the necessity of modern house living too. The minimalist concept with simple furniture model become a trend and favorite model which chosen by people. Urban people prefer to chose it, because they need something practice, minimalist, and not really complicated. Most of people’s time spent in their office, so home should give best nuance and comfortable condition to relax. Private residence trend still become favorite for future years, because it remember toward necessity of urban or modern people.


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