Stunning Modern Wooden House with Bay View

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We certainly want a comfortable home for the whole family, and a modern wooden house concept is a concept that may not have seen a lot of people today. Wooden house basically applies not only to traditional homes, but now many concepts of modern house using wood as the main material to create of a strong rural and rustic impression. Moreover, if the house was built in the middle of the forest.

Natural Look of Modern Wooden House

When we were a kid, we often read a story or watch a movie on wooden houses built on trees. Such houses are now inspired the architects to create a concept of modern home in the woods with the main material of wood and glass. Wood gives a natural balance and adapts well to surroundings look, while the glass which is mounted on each corner of the house gives you direct access to enjoy the freshness of green trees outside the house.

Well if you are interested to build wooden house with natural scenery that real, Waterfall Bay House possibly be able to inspire. The house that located near a secluded bay in New Zealand not only offers a general view of the green on the forest, but also the greenish water of the bay nearby. Modern wood house is built over two floors connected by a wooden staircase that you can see through a high transparent window.

Beautiful Interior of Modern Wooden House

One of the rooms that offer views of the beauty of bay and forest at a time is the sitting room, where you can sit comfortably on its sofa soft even in cold weather though. A fireplace is ready to make the room warm with its beautiful flames. Natural impression of this Modern Wooden House in the Woods Ideas also brought up to the private library, with the concept of wooden racks attached to the wall and table lamps with dim light

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