Stunning Modern Villa Design in Urban Area

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The location for this modern villa actually is not really urban. The position just near a city which separated with river on front of villa. The villa has unique characteristic, where the design from outside into inside represent what kind of owner. Regardless, from that matter, the design use open model, where there are some glass windows which surround almost a whole of villa. The design for roof too use cubicle model like other modern home. There are many arrangement of woods component as cover side of roof or top building. Actually, this villa has a large field on outside, so people who want to play with snow, they can play outside. Then, on that roof too, there is pipe which adhere on woods cover as pipe to throw out fume.

Modern Villa House Living

The temporary house living located near a river which always beautiful, when snow comes. Around of villa, there are some wood fences which surround villa. The fence itself just wood which plugged one by one, so there is no such kind of additional protector which connect one plugged wood with each others. For the ground floor, most of wall surface outside consist from glasses material. Modern villa residence itself uses that glass as main part, because it looks more modern with that thing.

Then, for front of villa completed by set of table and chairs which like on terrace. There is a small park on front and completed by those table and chairs. Next, for behind of villa also designed with glass as main part on the wall. Then, in upstairs floor, there is a glass fence which becomes limitation or boundary between room building and outside. In other side of villa, there is a space too which like a terrace and completed by two long chairs without any roof on top. Then, for inside design, there are some set of furniture like kitchen set, dining set, and others. There is a shelves too which adhere long on the wall.

Modern Villa Architecture

The architecture of this villa is simple futuristic. There are just consist from some spaces for rooms, but there has good architecture of roof. In every side of villa, especially outside there will be always chair and table, so the impression is each side of villa is a terrace. People already influenced by modern villa trend itself, because besides building offering, there is also good view around that place.

Flat Roof Wooden Wall Glass Windows

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Glass Fence Wooden Wall Glass Window Wooden Material Design

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