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Located in Jan van Galenstraat in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this modern recreation center is nothing as it seems. From a far you might only going to see lush vegetation hill with ramps surrounding the area. But actually this is a community center which located in the heart of the park. It designs to attracting people from neighborhood which is combination of multicultural ethnic to gather around and do activities together.

Looking at the modern recreation center design at first you will be wowing the humble appearance of growth plants on the walls surrounding. Inside this amazing recreational center is design to be a miniature city, only this time is filled with a lot of activity center such as swimming pool and therapy pool, aerobics and fitness venue, also completed with café, party center and of course children daycare. These combinations mingle perfectly well which allows people to interact with another.

You can entering the recreation center by strolling in the part and find the entrance. The door is not big but it is enough to accommodate people back and forth. You also can enjoy outdoor swimming pool where there are also kid’s pool and international size pool. Although it was covered with lush vegetation walls, but parts of this area is also covered with massive glass windows which allows the natural sunlight to break inside the recreational center. It is also allowing you to see what kind of activity that is happen inside the building.

The indoor swimming pool is very wide and big enough for everyone to jump in and play. The building structure is looks irregular but in this irregularity you will find that each room is connected with another by using glass wall feature. It seems boundless which allow you to sneak for other activity. This is the other purpose of building this community center is to make people come, see and participate with the activities applies. You can see more brilliant photos of modern recreational center design ideas from below gallery.

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